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I have very tight joints that easily get sore from running & exercising. After 3 weeks of Life DAV, I can say I am recovering faster and my joints don’t feel inflamed like they used too!

My overall energy level is markedly improved as well, and as an active 59 year old Nurse, that is important to me! Thanks guys, great product.

Carol DiMeo

Registered Nurse for 30 years

As a professional Dota 2 play-by-play commentator, success for me is analyzing ten things in real-time while staying a step ahead of what will happen next.

MultiFocus allows me to always be ‘on’ when I need to have the best cast of my life.

Travis 'Maut' Bueno

Esports Commentator

I’ve been back into weightlifting for a little over a month and I can see huge increase in my recovery and decrease in soreness compared to when I used to compete. LIFE DAV is the best… give it a try.

Mike Salera

Weightlifting Coach & Athlete

Having competed at the CrossFit Regionals twice, as well as in the professional Grid League, I know the physical demand – and injuries – that come along with competing at such a high level. DAV has allowed me to rebuild a stronger body to get the most out of my training.

More importantly, I recommend DAV to the members of my gym to keep them healthy so they’ll get the most out of the program. 

Abby Graham

CrossFit Athlete / Owner, CrossFit Hideout


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